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Shabbat Service starts at 11:00 am

Kehilat Bethlechem is a Messianic Jewish Congregation which believe in Yeshua and love the commandments of God. We believe that salvation is by grace through faith as revealed in the Torah.

Our mission statement is to establish, equip and nurture messianic communities throughout the land of India that will work and operate as a cohesive unit with the single purpose of engrafting the nations into the household of Israel (called the commonwealth of Israel) and preparing Israel (called the bride) for the return of the Mashiach.

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The eight-day festival of Passover is celebrated in the early spring, from the 15th through the 22nd of the Hebrew…

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The Second Passover

Pesach Sheni means “Second Passover [Sacrifice].” It marks the day when someone who was unable to participate in the Passover…

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Join Yeshivat Shuvu Today!

We partner globally with Ahavat Ammi Ministries in United States on all their educational programs. These programs are designed to teach Jews and non-Jews the connection between Yeshua the Messiah and Judaism. If you have any more questions about our programs, please contact us.


Shuvu Yeladim is a unique Junior Yeshiva for children between the age of 5-12 who want to learn the foundation of our faith.


Kosher Pastor is a program that explores the Jewish Roots of Christian faith by connecting the life of Jesus in its context.


The Footsteps of Avraham is a discipleship program that helps you understand Judaism through the revelation of Yeshua.