Service & Timing

The central worship experience at our Kehila is our weekly Shabbat service. If you are joining us for the very first time you may have some questions about what to expect in a Messianic Jewish synagogue. 

Saturday Mornings:

09:00 am -01:30 pm - Shabbat Service

Sunday Mornings:

09:00 am - 11:00 am - Beit Ha-Midrash


Our lot does not accommodate a large number of vehicles. You are allowed to park in the slots allocated as A107 and B509. Additionally, you can park around the peripherals of the society. When in doubt, please reach out to our staff for directions. 

Mobiles, Cameras, Recording 

Please remember to keep your mobile devices on silent mode when in the synagogue. We encourage turning off your phone and be digital free on Shabbat as much as possible so you can truly rest your minds and connect with G-d. We do not allow for recording of our services or photos to be taken while service is occurring. However, we do allow photos during special ceremonies such as Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Holy Day plays and skits, baby dedications and award ceremonies.

We offer Livestream for our online viewers. Please reach out to our staff to get more details. 

Community best practices

  1. Please turn all devices on silent and do not discuss business on Shabbat.
  2. Our staff is here to help. They will guide you outside for parking and inside for your seat or any info you need. If you need help, please see them.
  3. Please fill out our visitor form to receive more information at the synagogue. 
  4. Shabbat is about fellowship and service. The Pastor and the leaders of the community will pray with you and talk briefly on Shabbat, but in order to gain more insight into deep conversations, theological questions, business, and concerns, please call the office during working hours to set up an appointment.

Thank you for visiting us and we look forward to your presence at our synagogue. We hope that all the information found here on this page will help better your experience with us and make you more prepared when you arrive.