Our Shabbat School is one component of the Kehilat Bethlechem community and of Jewish living. Over time, our experiences in Shabbat School are complemented by celebrating holidays and life-cycle milestones, tikkun olam (repair of the world), tefillah (prayer/reflection), and by bringing Jewish values into our daily life.

We have shabbat school during the service for young kids between the age group 5-12. Please approach our staff to get your child enrolled. Children are encouraged to carry their own water bottles, light snack along with stationery and colors for Shabbat school.

With the help of our education staff, parents work together to plan and implement the curriculum at home. The teaching team is responsible for creating interactive Messianic Jewish worksheets that are based on the Parsha. In addition to giving our children a basis for Jewish learning, Shabbat School fosters a strong sense of community among the children. 

Many parents feel that they, too, enhance their knowledge about and connection to Judaism through the Shabbat School experience. All levels of experience and knowledge are welcome in our Shabbat School.

Please contact the office to discuss your family’s potential participation in Shabbat School.


Goals of the Shabbat School 

  • Develop and/or deepen our enthusiasm for Messianic Jewish learning, doing the mitzvot  and living.
  • Embrace the Messianic Jewish values of study, social justice, celebration in home and synagogue, and participation in life cycle events.
  • Appreciate and rely upon Messianic Jewish values as a guide to moral and responsible decision making for ourselves and our community.
  • Engage substantively with Jewish tradition and deepen our attachment to our community.

It is our hope that the Shabbat School experience, in conjunction with home and community involvement, will facilitate these long-term outcomes:

  • Children will build the beginning of a foundation for lifelong Messianic Jewish learning and engagement.
  • Parents and children will be drawn into a warm and caring Messianic Jewish community that will enhance our Jewish living.